One card with all the right moves

Spend online, in-store, and abroad saving money on currency conversion fees.


Save while spending
using GenioPay
card globally

GenioPay offers you a wide range of different payment cards for every use case.

Track expenses as they happen

Monitor payments and expenses made on the go. we have a simplified process of reviewing transactions made on your Account and cards.

Hold hybrid balance on cards

Easy and smart ways to control your budget

Set spending limits

Control your spending limit on your personal account or control spending limit of your team members on your company account.

No monthly or yearly fees

Set up spending limit for family and friends

Customized card
delivered right to
your door

Customized card in 3 easy steps and shiped at your door with the delivery cost on our side. It’s that simple.

card collection

How do you create a card?

To create a GenioPay Branded card, simply create a company
or individual account on the mobile app or dashboard

iPhone 13 Pro Front
Step 1

Select type of the card

iPhone 13 Pro Front
Step 2

Customize the design

iPhone 13 Pro Front
Step 3

Done! Your card is ready

Best things about our cards

Debit card

Universal tool for instant payments for goods and services through payment terminals,online and ATM cash withdrawals.

Prepaid card

Your payment tool for making quick and secure non-cash payments within the available balance.

Credit card

Secure payment instrument and indispensable assistant for budget planning and unforseen expenses

Virtual card

An Optimal financial cashless instrument to instantly pay for goods and services conveniently